Lost Spells - Little Egret - Jackie Morris & Robert MacFarlane

Lost Spells - Little Egret - Jackie Morris & Robert MacFarlane

Jackie Morris
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Limited Edition of 145.

Signed by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane.

On 315gsm 100% cotton rag paper
Image Size 32cm x 23cm

‘..let these spells ring far and wide; speak their words and seek their art,
let the wild world into your eyes, your voice, your heart.'

Kindred in spirit to The Lost Words but fresh in its form, The Lost Spells introduces a beautiful new set of natural spell-poems and artwork by beloved creative duo Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

Each "spell" conjures an animal, bird, tree or flower -- from Barn Owl to Red Fox, Grey Seal to Silver Birch,
Jay to Jackdaw -- with which we share our lives and landscapes. Moving, joyful and funny, The Lost Spells above all celebrates a sense of wonder, bearing witness to nature's power to amaze, console and bring joy. Written to be read aloud, painted in brushstrokes that call to the forest, field, riverbank and also to the heart, The Lost Spells summons back what is often lost from sight and care, teaching the names of everyday species, and inspiring its readers to attention, love and care.