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Port & Lemon

Here at Port and Lemon we just love all things nautical, if it floats we love it, if it sinks we love it too, just as long as it has something to do with the sea.

In another life Tracy was in the Navy and Kate, well she just likes messing about in boats. Anyway we live by the sea in Hampshire and we both have cabins in our back gardens where we create stuff, and dogs that like walks on the beach, and husbands who work around boats, and daughters who love sailors… no we don’t mean that…really.

So about the stuff we design, well we like to raise a smile and obviously we have this thing about blue and white and we know that some of our pictures end up on loo walls and some of our cushions prop up old sailors, some of our key rings have dodgy old boat keys on them and some of our mugs don’t have just tea in them!


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